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3D NLS-diagnostics By Metatron 4025 Hunter And Cervix Carcinoma

Author:9D-NLS  UpdateTime:2019-08-01

Cervix carcinoma incidence rate growing is marked in the recent years both in Russian Federation and generally in the world. Increasing of cervix carcinoma incidence rate in women is a disturbing fact, because this group of patients is not only a significant part of reproductive female population, but socially active group also.

The main role in treatment of cervix carcinoma patients belongs to surgical intervention and ray therapy. Nowadays methods of combined and integrated treatment are developed and introduced into a practice.

Application of advance technologies for treatment requires support of a modern diagnostics. A group of hardware visualization is represented by the following methods: ultrasound research, computed tomography, magnetic-resonance imaging. Recently developed method of three-dimensional non-linear (NLS) diagnostics by metatron 4025 hunter has several unquestionable advantages over other methods. 3D NLS-diagnostics method is safe for a patient and a doctor in regard to radiation exposure, has sufficient accuracy and high reliability of acquired results. 3D NLS-study of patients suffering from cervix carcinoma may be used both for diagnostics of an oncological process and for monitoring during treatment process in order to correct promptly or evaluate efficiency of treatment measures. Application of modern devices for NLS-diagnostics allows to evaluate condition and a structure of uterine cervix, dissemination of a process into uterine body, ovaries and urinary bladder. NLS-study of abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space organs allows to evaluate dissemination of a process, detect presence of metastatic affection of liver, retroperitoneal lymph nodes.

Spectral-entropic analysis (SEA) of a tumor makes possible to understand pathogenetic mechanisms of tumor growth and to develop anti-tumor strategy. NLS-method makes possible to acquire multidimensional picture of a researched object and its vascular tree in real-time mode simultaneously.

Combined NLS-diagnostics of cervix carcinoma with application of ultramicroscanning with SEA allows to evaluate size and character of a tumor, which to a considerable extent defines treatment tactics at every stage of the treatment.

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